People are not the same. People are different.

Today I saw a plastic cup in the middle of the road. A young guy drank something and threw it on the ground. In his action was not a hint of reflection or making a choice process: to throw or not to throw? The movement is smooth, continuous. Not a single pause. He drank – […]

What is Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation is a practice of observation without judgment. The goal of vipassana meditation is to obtain mindfulness – which means attentive awareness. Instead of focusing on one object, meditator brings the attention to observe and witness all objects which arise in his/ her mind in every moment. Some people confuse vipassana technique with meditation […]

Kindness of the Mind

It is true that when we are surrounded by wholesome energy, we will become wholesome. On the other way around, when we are surrounded by un-wholesome energy, we will become un-wholesome. This situations are conditioned. It means that we have the ability to create the condition in our reality. We have the choice to be […]