Deep Reflection

What is the meaning of life when all experiences are only surface experiences? Sayadaw U. Rajinda The meaning of a human life are cultivated in their life experiences. What we choose to be, our decision in action, speech and thoughts defines our authenticity. Each of the experiences is the opportunity to get to know us […]

We are the Reflection of what we feel

When we were being left behind, we felt lost. This feeling create other feeling that sometimes we do not recognize. Or feelings that are being rejected or avoided. Feelings such as anger, jealousy, hate. We think we are not angry, but we are. In fact we are all being angry about something in our life. […]

Binary thinking

Our thinking, built on the principle of “yes – no”, can be called “dichotomous.” Literally – “division by two.” This thinking has generated the most terrible distortion in the assessment and knowledge of the world. The way of thinking gives rise to existing forms of relations, culture, science, the way of society. To go beyond […]

People are not the same. People are different.

Today I saw a plastic cup in the middle of the road. A young guy drank something and threw it on the ground. In his action was not a hint of reflection or making a choice process: to throw or not to throw? The movement is smooth, continuous. Not a single pause. He drank – […]