June “Hurt So Good”

So much more things to learn and so much more things to explore. So much things to understand, so much more things to accept and so much more things to be grateful about here, in this life.

Every steps of the unknown turn to a new door of the openings. The opening to the physical body, the mental, the mind, and the soul. And the opening to a new turn of life. Sometimes it is scary to make the move and make decision. But the truth is, we will always find a way out to make ourselves feel better.

We all wanted to defend our innocent. But the truth is, we don’t need to fight anymore. For the things that is destined to be served for us, will eventually find its own way.

When we live in the world full of shadow. What we need is the light that arise from the truth, the intention. Speak with intention, act with intention, and see with intention. When we know the intention, we can finally see beauty, within.

And we always remind ourselves that we are in repair. At all time. There is no mistake. It is only learning.

This blog is for our new batch of Yoga Teachers June 2019. You are all amazing: JD, KT, T, Carrie, Carina, Manon, Anais, Anna, and Robin.

We are the Reflection of what we feel

When we were being left behind, we felt lost. This feeling create other feeling that sometimes we do not recognize. Or feelings that are being rejected or avoided. Feelings such as anger, jealousy, hate.

We think we are not angry, but we are. In fact we are all being angry about something in our life. We think we do not have jealousy, oh yea? Are we that perfect! And we think we don’t hate. We are fooled and delusional. Our view is clouded unpurified feelings.

This feelings bring the color of our days. And yet, we still look for something else to be blamed. Or we look for something else to feel guilty and being even angrier.

We cannot take the fast that in this phenomena, we are all lost.

The only protection we can have is lied within our own action. And within our own speech.

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Open Your Heart

What is you condition when you wear your yoga teacher said, “Open your chest?” in a yoga or meditation class.

To me this means that: there is a certain effort that I should make to be open to the phenomena that is happening around me, that it is arising and passing away.

It is not only about lengthening your chest and stretching the muscle of your chest and shoulder. It is beyond that.

I realize that, when I want to free my breath, I must too create freedom for myself.

This freedom of observation without reaction. The freedom to stay within my awareness. And freedom to express what I have in mind, without interfering with someone else’s conditioning.

Our life is tough one. What does it means?

If you think that being grateful is tough. Then yes, I agree. You have a tough life. And I am not blaming you. Because it is not easy to be grateful and just accept what is given. It is tough to not being greedy.

It is said that, “This is just the action of a Nobel one.”

So effort is needed. Desire is needed. Awareness is needed. The right view and right understanding is needed. Just like all other muscle in our body, the eyes too needed to be trained. To be able to see beauty and kindness in everything.

More about my breathing practice at Healing Breath and Trauma Release

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Our life define our breath. And our breath define our life.

There is no different between breath and life.

Without breath, life doesn’t exist.

And without life, breath doesn’t exist.

Breath is the place we seek for refuge. And it is the place to find what’s missing.

This might sound a little creepy, but for your information. The breath is the life. Haven’t you realize about this? Then why haven’t you be with your breath? When we are not with our breath. We are not with our life. We get easily thrown to a situation where we lost. And again, and again, comes to the same karma circle.

When are not with our breath, it is harder to see clearly of our reality. Because the mind has clouded by storm and clouds that run furiously. Thus, we do not see clearly what is going on in ourselves. And at the end, we end up being trapped by the malicious act of control and manipulation.

We think we are so pure and so kind, but we did not realize that we manipulate our own condition. This is called self-centeredness. Which is the opposite of compassion.

We must remember that we are human. We are the highest being ever existed in this three-dimension of duality. Even being said, we are higher than animal and plants. Because we have THE Mind. The Conscious Mind that can lead us our own desire of acts and decides.

Our choices define our reality.

But, most of us think that we have no choices.

And that is the saddest phenomena ever thought. I understand, that it is difficult to speak about faith. Faith is undebatable topic. Most people do not interest on this undebatable topic. Only thus who seek for refuge, will understand the meaning.

This writing is dedicate for my friend Anna Maloni.

The Secret of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties and ability to treat wounds. Tea Tree oil is one of the top of antibacterial essential oil. Tea Tree oil is being used widely in daily housekeeping, it is efficient to make homemade cleaning products, diffuse to kill toxic mold that is growing surround the walls. And also can be applied directly on the skin to heal skin infections and treating wounds.

Tea Tree oil quickly becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in a variety of household and cosmetic products, including disinfectant spray, face wash, shampoos, massage oil, skin and nail cream, laundry detergents and even tooth powder and tooth paste. Tea Tee contains of natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action that must be included on your first-aid-kit cabinet!

How to use Tea Tree oil?

Tea Tree oil to heal acne: If you have sensitive skin, it is better to mix Tea Tree oil with Coconut oil or Castor oil before applying on the irritated skin area. Best to apply at night time before sleeping. Always clean your skin area before using the oil treatments.

Tea Tree oil to treat bloated stomach: Best to mix Tea Tree oil with Coconut oil and Cacao oil or Clove oil to add warm sensation on your skin. And then apply to your stomach area. The warmth of the oil will help you to release gasses.

Tea Tree oil to disinfectant wound: If you have opened wound, only apply Tea Tree oil on the side of the wound. Do not apply Tea Tree directly to an opened wound. You can also put Tea Tree on a cotton sheet and use it to close an opened wound when you are walking outside. This will prevent direct contact with bacteria, dust or debris from the road, etc.

Tea Tree oil for mosquito spray: Add 10 to 15 drops of Tea Tree oil and mixed with distilled water, you can also add other oil herbs, such as: Lemongrass oil, Lavender oil, Orange oil or Lemon oil.

Tea Tree oil to treat bugs bites: Best to mix Tea Tree oil with Lemongrass oil and Coconut oil to treat bugs bites. You can apply directly to the skin that is being irritated.

Tea Tree oil to treat dandruff problem: Mix Tea Tree oil with coconut oil and then apply of your scalp, wait about 5 – 10 minutes and then risen with warm water.

Tea Tree oil to treat head lice: Mix Tea Tree oil with water and cider vinegar and then wash on your hair and head. Do not risen directly, you may let it dry for 10 – 15 minutes and the risen with warm water. After that, continue with wet combing.

– Cajeput flower for Tea Tree oil –

Benefit of Tea Tree oil

Tea Tree oil’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which become the natural remedy for acne and other inflammatory skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis and other types of skin allergies.

Tea Tree oil is an efficient properties to fight bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Lab studies have showed that tea tree oil can inhibit the growth of bacteria like Pseudomonas aeruginosaEscherichia coliHaemophilus influenzaeStreptococcus pyogenes and Streptococcus pneumoniae. These bacteria cause serious infections, including pneumonia, urinary tract infections, respiratory illness, bloodstream infections, strep throat, sinus infections and impetigo. It may have the ability to fight or prevent fungal infections like candida, jock itch, athlete’s foot and toenail fungus.

Essential oils like tea tree oil are being used in replacement of or along with conventional medications because they too serve as powerful antibacterial agents, without the adverse side effects. 

In very early in its history, the leaves of the Malaleuca plant (Tea Tree Plant) were crushed and inhaled to treat coughs and colds. Traditionally, the leaves were also soaked to make an infusion that was used to treat sore throats.

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The Secret of Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil is a type of essential oil derives from the jasmine flower. It is a popular remedy for improving mood, overcoming stress and balancing hormones. Jasmine oil has been used for hundreds years in parts of the Eastern world as a natural remedy for depression, anxiety, emotional release, low libido and insomnia.

Research suggests that Jasmine oil works by positively influencing the nervous system. Which is perfect to be used in the aromatherapy or directly being applied on the skin. The oil of jasmine flower have an effect on a number of biological factors, including heart rate, body temperature, stress response, alertness, blood pressure and breathing.

Jasmine oil also can be used as a natural aphrodisiac essence because it is said to have a “seductive” scent that can increase sensuality. In fact jasmine oil is being called as “the queen of the night”, a strong smell of jasmine flower at night time can create a libido-boosting qualities.

How to use Jasmine oil?

Jasmine oil to treat insomnia: Use 2 – 3 drops of Jasmine oil of warmed cloth and use as an eye mask. Use before sleeping or on your relaxation phase.

Jasmine oil for stress release: Mix Jasmine oil, Mint and Coconut oil, and apply behind your ear every more and evening. This can improve your senses and mood all day.

Jasmine oil for environment spray: Mix 10 drops of Jasmine oil with water and spray around the room. This will improve room odor, fight fungus and insects.

Jasmine oil for improve immunity: Mix well Jasmine oil with Lavender essential oil and breath the essence. This can give positive effect for the nervous system to improve the immune and body circulation.

Jasmine oil for balancing hormone: Mix Jasmine oil with Tea Tree essential oil and coconut and use it to massage on parts of your joints: shoulders and armpits, knees and ankle. Do this daily, recommended after shower.

– jasmine flowers –

Benefit of Jasmine oil

Jasmine oil helps a lot for stress release and work effectively to reduce depression. Thus, Jasmine oil is recommended to be used for those who has recent trauma event, such as post-operation, post-labor, or accidents. Also being used for those to maintain mood as in PMS state or menopause state.

Jasmine induce relaxation sense and center the focus and concentration. Thus, this type of essential oil can be used to help meditation or self-healing process.

Jasmine oil is essentially known for its stimulating and arousing properties. Diffusing or applying on the skin can help to wake up and boosting mood and energy. Its active ingredients have been showed to work with nervous system to increase heart rate, body temperature and brain activity that are needed to active learning and problem solving.

Beside that, Jasmine oil also help with general skin care as revitalizing dry skin, anti-aging, reduce inflammation, reduce oily skin conditions and fight with infections. Mixing Jasmine oil on the soap or shampoo or body cream may help to maintain skin health.

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Yoga Untuk Ketenangan Batin

Bisakah berlatih yoga untuk ketenangan batin? Ya! Tentu bisa. Ajaran yoga bukannya ajaran agama, siapapun bisa dan boleh berlatih yoga. Tidak ada dosa nya berlatih yoga. Yang berdosa adalah mereka yang berlatih yoga kemudian mengumpat tentang hidup mereka sendiri.

Ajaran yoga terbuka dan dapat dilaksanakan oleh siapapun, kapanpun dan dimanapun. Ajaran yoga bukan hanya soal olah-raga, melalui asana. Namun yang pertama harus dimulai dari yama dan niyama. Yaitu memperhatikan apa yang kita berikan kepada diri kita sendiri dan kepada orang-orang di sekitar kita.

Yama niyama adalah azas dan nilai yang mengatur bagaimana kita bersikap kepada diri sendiri dan masyarakat. Dengan mengamalkan yama niyama secara terseluruh, maka pikiran kita akan lebih tenang, karena emosi negatif seperti hal-nya perasaan bersalah, dendam dan marah akan terkikis. Ketika kekotoran batin seperti ini terhapuskan, maka pikiran akan lebih mudah untuk diarahkan pada objek fokus dan konsentrasi. Dengan begitu, puncak utama meditasi akan lebih mudah untuk dicapai.

– sederhana itu bahagia –

Setelah kita mengamalkan yama niyama, maka asana yaitu latihan fisik akan menjadi langkah selanjutnya. Bisa diperhatikan, orang-orang yang belum memenuhi azas yama niyama dengan benar tidak akan terpanggil untuk melaksanakan latihan yoga asana. Mereka yang sudah memiliki keinginan untuk melaksanakan asana, adalah orang-orang yang hatinya telah terpilih dan memiliki kemampuan pikiran yang bisa disetarakan dengan praktisi terdahulu.

Setelah praktek asana, selanjutnya adalah latihan pengaturan atau regulasi pernapasan melalui pranayama. Regulasi pranayama adalah praktek latihan untuk mengatur energi kehidupan (prana) di dalam tubuh. Agar sirkulasi prana yang terjadi di dalam tubuh berada dalam keadaan seimbang. Pelatihan ini dilaksanakan dengan pengaturan napas.

Setelah pranayama dikuasai, maka latihan selanjutnya adalah latihan pikiran melalui meditasi dengan tujuan untuk mencapai pratyahara, dharana, dhyana dan samadi. Tentunya topik harus dibahas lebih dalam pada artikel selanjutnya.

Seluruh latihan yoga harus dilaksanakan secara berkelanjutan, dengan demikian tubuh dan pikiran, lahir dan batin kita akan lebih terawat.

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3 Alasan Mengapa wajib memperhatikan Ketenangan Batin

Kebahagiaan tidak dapat dipisahkan dengan ketenangan batin. Ketika batin berada dalam kondisi yang tenang dan damai maka kebahagiaan akan lebih mudah muncul. Sedangkan ketika pikiran terganggu dan ketenangan batin terusik, maka kebahagiaan akan jauh dari jangkauan.

Pertanyaan pertama kepada diri sendiri adalah: “Apakah tujuan utama hidup saya?” ketika pertanyaan ini muncul, maka akan lebih mudah untuk pikiran bisa menanggapi. Namun, bagi beberapa orang, tujuan hidup mereka sepertinya telah “ter-rencana sejak dini”. Hal-hal seperti ini wajib dikaji ulang, sehingga makna hidup kita benar-benar sesuai dengan yang kita harapkan.

– hati yang tenang bagai air tak ber-riak –

Selama di sekolah, kita tidak pernah diajarkan mengenai ketenangan batin, keculi mungkin dalam pelajaran agama. Namun begitu, ketenangan batin menjadi kunci utama agar pikiran kita bisa lebih fokus dan tenang. Beberapa alasan utama bahwa kita wajib memperhatikan ketenangan batin antara lain:

  1. Hidup kita ditentukan oleh kita sendiri. Kita yang menentukan hidup seperti apa yang akan kita jalani, bukan orang lain, bukan dokter maupun therapist yang menentukan hidup kita. Kita sendiri yang harus mengambil tanggung jawab tersebut.
  2. Waktu dan kematian datang tanpa peringatan. Kita tidak tahu sampai kapan hidup kita akan kita jalani di dunia ini. Untuk itu, bila kita ingin bahagia, maka kita haus bahagia mulai hari ini.
  3. Ketenangan batin yang kita miliki akan terpancar dari cara hidup kita. Cara hidup yang didasarkan pada ketenangan batin akan memberikan banyak kebaikan bagi sekitar kita. Keluarga dan lingkungan kita pun akan ikut berbahagia apabila kita bahagia.

Belum terlambat bagi kita untuk mendapatkan kebahagiaan. Kebahagiaan ini adalah sebuah kewajiban yang harus kita bentuk dalam diri kita sendiri. Kebahagiaan dan ketenangan batin tidak dapat diberikan oleh orang lain kepada kita. Kita yang harus memberikan hal-hal ini kepada diri kita sendiri.

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Sumber Kebahagiaan

Dari mana datangnya sumber kebahagiaan? Kebanyakan dari kita sudah menyadari bahwa uang bukanlah sumber kebahagiaan, tapi tentunya lebih nyaman berkendaraan mobil daripada motor terutama di saat musim hujan!

Lalu dari mana sumber kebahagiaan itu?

Dari pelaksanaan praktek meditasi decara terus menerus dan berkelanjutan, kita akan menyadari bahwa sumber kebahagiaan itu tidak ain ada dalam pikiran kita sendiri. Bukan dan luar pikiran kita. Kekayaan material, uang maupun harta adalah hal-hal yang diluar pikiran kita dan hal-hal ini tidak bisa memberikan kebahagiaan secara kekal kepada pikiran kita. Cepat atau lambat pikiran akan beralih pada hal yang lain, dan beranggapan bahwa hal-hal material tersebut tidaklah memberikan kepuasan.

Kebahagiaan ada dalam pikiran kita, dan hal ini dapat dibantu kondisi tubuh kita yang merasa nyaman. Apabila seseorang tidak merasa nyaman dengan kondisi tubuhnya, makan pikirannya akan terganggu. Misalnya, seseorang menyadari bahwa ia memiliki tubuh yang gemuk. Dan ia menyadari bahwa pikirannya tidak menyukai kondisi tubuh dengan bentuk yang gemuk, karena dianggapnya tubuh ini kurang indah. Seperti itulah mulai benih kebahagiaan itu akan menghilang.

Ketika kita merasa tidak nyaman dengan tubuh kita, maka kita harus mencari tau apa yang dapat kita lakukan agar kita bisa kembali merasa nyaman dengan tubuh kita. Dan melaksanakan hal-hal dalam hidup yang membuat tubuh kita nyaman.

Kebanyakan orang hidup dengan mendengarkan opini orang lain tentang dirinya. Bukan opini dirinya sendiri. Bahkan beberapa dari mereka merasa tidak pantas memiliki opininya sendiri. Apabila seseorang hidup dengan cara ini, maka ia tidak akan menemukan kebahagiaan yang sejati dalam hidupnya.

Kebahagiaan yang sejati adalah kejujuran. Kejujuran pikiran, ucapan dan perbuatan. Seluruhnya dilaksanakan dengan ikhlas dan tanpa pamrih. Pikiran tidak bisa dibohongi. Meditasi adalah langka pertama untuk mengetahui pikiran itu sendiri.

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Meditasi dalam kehidupan Religi

Hidup di Indonesia membuat saya merasa sangat beruntung. Masyarakat di wilayah Indonesia sangatlah tahu caranya menghormati dan menghargai satu sama lainnya. Tentunya ada sebagian masyarakat yang ingin menguasai yang lain. Namun, bukankah ini terjadi dimanapun di dunia ini?

Di Indonesia, hidup setiap individu berasaskan dasar Pancasila. Masing-masing sila diaplikasikan semaksimal mungkin dalam melihat cara pandang hidup bersikap dan bermasyarakat.

Dalam sila utama yang pertama yaitu Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa, setiap individu di lahir di wilayah Indonesia dianjurkan untuk taat dan memiliki sebuah keyakinan ketuhanan. Tentu saja dampak dari keyakinan ini tergantung dari cara hidup dan pertumbuhan seorang individu dan tidak bisa dipaksakan.

Sila pertama tersebut yang kemudian membentuk sebuah negara yang mengakui adanya Tuhan sebagai sesuatu yang lebih dari sosok manusia. Tentu saja makna ketuhanan tersebut dapat diartikan dalam makna yang berbeda oleh satu individu dan individu lainnya.

Di Indonesia diakui paling tidak adda 5 sosok agama yang menjadi “pilihan” seseorang untuk dijadikan panutan dan tuntunan hidup. Dari masing-masing agama tersebut, setiap prakteknya selalu mengandung unsur meditasi.

Unsur meditasi sendiri ada dalam setiap praktek keagamaan dan dapat dipraktekkan dalam kehidupan secara menyeluruh. Sebagai contoh meditasi yang dilakukan oleh umat Kristiani saat menyanyikan senandung pujian di gereja, praktek itu bisa disebut sebagai meditasi mantra. Sama juga ketika umat Muslim bersalawat, maupun ketika umat Hindu dan Budha bersenandung chanting. Dzikir yang dikenal oleh umah Muslim, dasar pelaksanaannya serupa dangan Japamantra yang dilaksanakan oleh umah Hindu dan Buddha juga merupakan meditasi.

Setiap praktek religi tersebut memiliki satu tujuan yaitu mengarahkan pikiran pada satu objek yaitu ketuhanan. Dalam hal ini, praktek religi ini memiliki tujuan akhir yang sama dengan meditasi yaitu meningkatkan fokus.

Meditasi adalah praktek pengarahan pikiran pada satu objek secara berkelanjutan. Artinya, meditasi juga dapat dilakukan dengan gerakan. Bahkan ketika kita fokus menyelesaikan pekerjaan kita, tersebut juga merupakan praktek meditasi. Namun tentunya seluruh proses wajib dilaksanakan dengan niat yang sungguh-sungguh, keikhlasan dan keterbukaan diri. Dengan begitu pekerjaan dan praktek hidup yang kita laksaanakan dapat memberikan hasil yang memuaskan dan membahagiakan.

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