Deep Reflection

What is the meaning of life when all experiences are only surface experiences? Sayadaw U. Rajinda The meaning of a human life are cultivated in their life experiences. What we choose to be, our decision in action, speech and thoughts defines our authenticity. Each of the experiences is the opportunity to get to know us […]

Dry Fasting Retreat

This type of retreat we normally offer to a students who already finished their 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training course. It is an optional extension of the program for those who wants to try fasting under guidance of an experienced teachers, to clean their Nadi so their personal practice behind the school doors will be […]

Fasting theory module

Healing water fasting History Jewish; Christian; Muslim; Hindu; American Indians How long is possible to fast? Magic number Nowadays Location of toxins; Types of toxins. Sugars; Diseases caused by toxins; Stages of fasting What is being treated? Inflammations; Chronic; Joints stiffness Safety Mental work. Concentration and Mindfulness; Physical difficulties. Sensations; Water quality. Dehydration; Know your […]

Meditation theory module

This module is designed for 10 hours course. Not all information will be given on short 3-5 days Water Healing Fasting retreats. I. Evolution of the Mind through a Human 1. Tools of evolution Introduction; Rules and regulations. Role of the government; Making Mind busy: ceremonies and rituals; Making Mind focused: setting a meaning for […]

Why practice fasting?

At first let us understand what is fasting. There are two main types exist: dry – total refuse of consumption and wet – drinking water during process. Dry one is recommended only for healthy people: kidneys and liver must be clean and work properly. This practice mostly spread by Yoga tradition. As long as Yogi […]

The Act of Unsatisfaction

“Happiness is the state of satisfaction and unhappiness if the state of un-satisfaction.” Sayadaw U. Nyanaramsi The purpose of practicing yoga is not only to maintain the physical beauty, but also to maintain the mental beauty. This can only be achieved with the understanding of spirituality. Most people think that the fulfilment of satisfaction can […]

Technique of Efficient Forgiveness

In order to forgive yourself and others, you must un-tie the knot (of relation) with memories that relate to the situation when you make that dosa (anger, hatred). The only way to un-tie the knot with memory is by understanding feelings, thoughts and action that relate to the memory and observe it. Release (understanding) can […]

The Base of Our Survival

When we seek for good life, often we bump into the trap of suffering. Or at least, a situation we think that “we are suffering”. The truth is, we don’t really know what is suffering. We just copy some other people who call it “suffering” and then we render into circle of meaningless thoughts, think […]