9 Days Accelerated Evolution Retreat is designed to create space and time for our body, mind and spirit to experience self-healing and self-rejuvenation. This retreat is a total transformation that incorporates healthy pre-fast with fiber and super-food to prepare the body for detox fasting.

The program is combined with mindfulness, yoga, meditation, restorative, nostril and colon cleansing and healing practice. This retreat is a perfect answer to encounter stress and support body-healing process. The program will generally be divided by three parts, the first three days is pre-fast with vitaminizing diet, followed by water fasting for body detoxification and the final three days is readapting to fruit and veggies juice fasting that give healing space with organic, alive food elixir.

The program is an introductory retreat to practice fasting and some technique of healing through mindfulness. Our goal is to show the opportunity to the path of autonomous human existence in harmony with oneself and Nature.

– Balinese Seaweed –

What is the Benefit of Fasting? Fasting has enormous benefit for physical and mental state, therefore this technique can help us to elevate our spiritual being. When our body is out of balance, we don’t feel comfort physically. This state affects all aspect of our lives, from our physical health, relationship, energy levels and mental wellbeing. Through fasting, the body learn to adapt to self-detoxification and rejuvenation. The body starts to cleanse material that it doesn’t need, open up body channels, heal the circulation system which may give greater benefit of self-healing from all types of illness. This technique of restoration can take us to mental clearance for us to be free from stress and weight of life.

What Not to be Expected from the retreat:

(1) This retreat is a healing process. Every medicine has a little bit of “bitter taste”, and thus participants must not expected to be pampered with spa or massage, infrared bath or sauna. We must not give any outer stimulation for the body to settle down to its natural condition.

(2) Consumption of chemical/ produced/ refined vitamins or medication during retreat. Conditioned medication or supplements makes the body to stop producing natural healing properties. This refined supplements will only aggravate the situation. Herbal Medicine, herbal cocktails and teas only work well on the final part of the retreat and after the retreat.

(3) Satisfy whims, complains not related to real difficulties and hysterics. While fasting, the work is not only on the physical level but also at the mental level. This is perfectly normal, as at that moment body is releasing toxin in the blood that might cause the decrease of the mood. Trauma or injuries that has happened in childhood and imperfection lifestyle might cause obvious mental pain. We must be aware and attentive to every single things that appear in the mind to such manifestations. Thus the lectures, workshop and in-depth practice during retreat is focused on the ways to heal yourself on the mental level. We will always support you and give you advice. However, no one will mess with you, if you do not like the shape of the swimming pool or its absence, the sun is too hot and the juice is not very juicy. It is you who live your life beneath those complaints. We give you the tools and show the door, but you are the one who choose to walk on it.

Who can join the retreat? This course is a basic level, for those who has never practiced yoga, meditation or fasting or for first time practitioners. For those who have desire to dive deep in yoga, meditation, self-healing knowledge for their personal purposes. Only for people between 18 – 45 years old.

– Gate to the Hanuman Temple of Sangeh –

The goal of this program is to take you to the gate of your evolution, where you can free yourself from many attachment of the material world and make understand the priority in life. In this way you have the opportunity to elevate your mind, and those you make evolution for your soul. What we will learn during the retreat as below:

(+) Vipassana Meditation Technique. Value and influence on everyday life. Defilement of the Mind. Knowledge and Faith. Mindful eating. The meaning of prayers and mantras. Creating your own prayer.

(+) Theory and practice of water fasting. Safety. Cure allergies and chronic diseases, inflammations. Shank Praksalana.

(+) Breath. Types, goals. Prana or ether. Holotropic breathing. Levels of consciousness

(+) Human chakra structure

(+) The theory of the seven human bodies. Energy channels. Causes of pollution and methods of purification.

(+) Work with the information flow. Information, knowledge, wisdom. Memory. Rigidity of thought and point of view. Ignorance. Acceptance and rejection. Beliefs.

(+) The material aspect of food. Compatibility of products, pH of the body. Malformations of the digestive tract. Micro-flora. Yeast and other fungi. Briefly about proteins. Smoothies. Best food that clogging the body.

(+) And, of course, information about what is possible and what should not be done in the first days after the retreat

The most important rule that we will strictly follow at this and our other retreats is Freedom of Will. We believe that this is a fundamental principle of creation and we see no reason to violate it. This, in particular, means that after reading the announcement, having listened to us and having received answers to questions, you confirm your will:

(-) Live for 9 days in isolation from society without a phone and laptop;

(-) Eat only what you will be given and only when it is allowed to you;

(-) Observe noble silence during the practice of meditation, eating, breathing practices. At other times, to refrain from loud communication and loud laughter respecting the right of others to remain in silence;

We attach great importance to discipline and have taken some rules, which are followed in Buddhist monasteries during meditation retreats, for our event. We have repeatedly visited such retreats and realize that such demands are created solely for the benefit of the participants. For this awareness, we urge you too.

In certain condition when the mind experience difficulties, the only weapon to keep the mind safe is mindfulness. If you have the urge to leave the retreat in the middle of the process, you must speak with us and re-consider the effect for both your mental and physical condition. You must remember that we are here to support you: be open and be honest can easy your conditioned difficulties.


The retreat consists of three parts: preparation for fasting with food, fasting on water and exit from fasting. We chose time intervals of three days because our task is acquaintance with the technique. This does not mean that there will be no effect of fasting: it will be noticeable, but not so much as during long periods of fasting, to which the body must be prepared gradually.

The Healing Fasting Technique on Water itself is taken from the works of Professor Stoleshnikov, a Russian doctor who moved to New York and confirmed the medical license. His book is based on the writings of Arnold Eret, Luigi Carnaro and others, as well as on his personal experience. Having read these books and having gained my own experience of fasting, we suggest that everyone try this method as one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to achieve well-being and energy. However, on this path there are traps, which we will point out and explain how to avoid them. This explanation will contain not only a specific set of actions, but also training to work with thoughts and feelings. For this purpose, meditation, yoga, breathing practices and lectures are included in the retreat. We can send you detail schedule based on request.

– Tree of “Lanang Wadon” 100++ years old –

During the retreat you will be accompanied and learning with practitioners who has studied and practiced many perspective of self-healing. Our practice standard comes from many different discipline of studies such as:

– Fasting Technique by Professor Stoleshnikov

– Vipassana Insight Meditation Theravada Technique

– Holotropic Breathing by Stanislav Grof (adjusted to participant’s level)

– Bioenergetic Study by Alexander Lowen

– Multidimentional medicine by Puchko

– Yoga Study of Ananda Marga Global Spiritual & Social Service by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

– Yin Yoga and Trigger Point study

– Qi-Gong and Breathing study

– Guardian of Sangeh –

Self care and wellness will be supported by 100% home made natural product, such as coconut oil and baking soda for daily physical cleansing and purification.

Note from our Main teacher and facilitator:

I do not want you to blindly believe us. Too many people on this planet spend their entire lives doing and thinking about what others think and do, claiming that this is right. I want our words to be as a catalyst for you. This is exactly my function here. If my words make you stop for a moment, even for a short moment, think and rethink what you “think”, what you know about the nature of Life, and what you blindly take on faith (because everyone believes in it), then my time on retreat was well spent. My desire is for you to become an Authentic Human Being that thinks, feels, and decides for yourself how you “feel” the Truth personally.

You may have noticed the increasing amount of information in the world. The truth is drowning in tons of informational garbage and finding it is becoming increasingly difficult. From all this information, everyone is free to create his own reality. Taking for truth what he likes, how the majority acts, or what he feels as truth, – like the actions of a minority. Each Human-Creator co-creates his reality for one goal: to become happy. So we are taught to be co-creators. And I believe that such realities, no matter how diverse they may be, can make their owners happy only in one case: if they follow the true Nature of Human, and therefore the Universe, God, All, Allah – call as it more comfortable.

I managed to create my Reality and it makes me happy. Of course, I would like to share its bricks-concepts with other people, so that they also become happy in their own way. And one of the reasons: my belief is that all of you, all of us – are aspects of the One Creator. Therefore, the separation between me and you is an illusion. Maya.

What does it mean to me: to be happy? First of all, my Reality creates for me the most effective and comfortable conditions for my Evolution. Conscious Evolution. It helps to maintain bright, peaceful thoughts and feelings. And getting more and more precise answer to the questions: Who am I? Or, more precisely, who am I, and who I am not? Where am I? Why am I here?

This reality reveals to me all the necessary techniques for my Path. Let it be unusual, unpleasant, and even sometimes painful. However, I feel the result of its impact and enjoy the positive changes. And most important, this is the basis of my Reality – Faith.

This is my Faith in the Infinite Mindful Absolute and its manifestations: embodied in physical dimension or matter and invisible to a human eye. Faith that Evolution is like a sea wave: two steps forward and a step back. From this vision, I am learning not to blame myself for the so-called failures. And wait patiently, resting, during periods of “kickbacks”. This Faith gives me the opportunity to see the truth in a drop of dew, in the movement of the wind, in pleasant sounds. By being mindful about unpleasant sounds I learn acceptance, non-judgment, remembering the wise phrase of Bhante Venerable Sayadaw U Nyanaramsi: “sound is just a sound.”

If you feel the same. If you believe the same – welcome. At the upcoming retreat, I suggest you to take a look at the bricks of my reality and take what you like. However, remember: the answer given is not equal to the answer received. Therefore, we will only show you the options for the first steps, support. Thus, you may go all the way by yourself.

I. S. Kovpak

Price of this retreat: USD 1.330 per person. Including: Accommodation for 9 days and 8 nights; Food and beverages based on fasting schedule; Writing module will be given at the end of the retreat; Facilities of yoga and meditation practice will be provided and being used at the retreat location. For more information and reservation please send email: awakeningbali@gmail.com.

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