Dry Fasting Retreat

This type of retreat we normally offer to a students who already finished their 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training course. It is an optional extension of the program for those who wants to try fasting under guidance of an experienced teachers, to clean their Nadi so their personal practice behind the school doors will be more efficient.

As long as you followed vegetarian diet for 21 day it is easy for most of you to do dry fasting right after training.

During a day of fasting we offer advanced level yoga asana practice. The theory of meditation is given just for half an hour as long as you have got the course of this subject already. Theory of dry fasting will be shared: physiology, mental and physical possible difficulties and ways to solve it.

At first day students arrive into place and rest. In the afternoon we have opening ceremony and light dinner.
Next day we practice asanas, meditating and learning a theory. It is also recommended to read spiritual literature this day. Some books we can provide.
On third day`s morning we do gentle Shank Prakshalana (1 liter of salted water with lemon\lime). Specific breakfast will be served. Checkout before 12 (depends on villa`s schedule).

7:00 – 7:307:30 – 8:008:15 – 10:0010:30 – 11.3012:00 – 13:0013:30 – 14:3015:30 – 16:3017:00 – 18:3019:00 – 19:3020:00 – 21:00
DayPranayamaMeditation 1Asana practiceTheory 1Meditation 2Theory 2Meditation 3Asana practiceMeditation 4Meditation 5
2PranayamaSitting medittionYoga asanaFasting theoryWalking meditationVipassana theoryWalking meditationYin yogaSitting MeditatonWalking meditation
3PranayamaShank PrakshalanaCheck out

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