Fasting theory module

Healing water fasting

  1. History
    1. Jewish;
    2. Christian;
    3. Muslim;
    4. Hindu;
    5. American Indians
  2. How long is possible to fast? Magic number
  3. Nowadays
    1. Location of toxins;
    2. Types of toxins. Sugars;
    3. Diseases caused by toxins;
  4. Stages of fasting
  5. What is being treated?
    1. Inflammations;
    2. Chronic;
    3. Joints stiffness
  6. Safety
    1. Mental work. Concentration and Mindfulness;
    2. Physical difficulties. Sensations;
    3. Water quality. Dehydration;
    4. Know your limits: emergency break of fasting. Two indicators;
  7. Weight loss
  8. Processes during fasting
    1. Glycogen pillow;
    2. Ketosis;
    3. Toxemia;
    4. Tongue;
  9. Procedures during fasting. Enema
  10. What do we want to achieve?
  11. Getting out of fasting
    1. Detached toxins
    2. Removing toxins
    3. Prohibited food
    4. For how long to get out?
    5. 3 steps to rejuvenate yourself: citric – veggies – herbs
    6. Possible difficulties and solutions
  12.  New life experience: raw food

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