Why practice fasting?

At first let us understand what is fasting. There are two main types exist: dry – total refuse of consumption and wet – drinking water during process.

Dry one is recommended only for healthy people: kidneys and liver must be clean and work properly.
This practice mostly spread by Yoga tradition. As long as Yogi are strict vegetarians, avoid Tamasic food they have perfect health. And most of them do Upavasa – one day dry fasting – twice a month: on 11 day after fool and new moon.
In these days combined gravity of sun and moon are at their maximum. Resulting in a strongest influence on water ‘behavior’ on Earth during a month: highest tides this days. We consist of water mainly. It influence us greatly as well. Think about origin of the word ‘lunatic’ 🙂
By dedicating this days to a fasting practice we are neutralizing influence of the gravity on us. This relates to a psychic benefit of fasting. There are also physical and spiritual consequences.

Physical benefits

When we are practicing dry fasting toxins begin to release after a second missed meal. Mostly in the intestine, but also through kidneys, lungs and skin.
That is why Yogi do Shank Prakshalana after fasting: drinking about a liter of highly salted water together with juice of one lemon or couple of limes. Salt prevents water from absorption in a stomach and intestine, so everything withing it is flushing out.

When we practice meditation or some other techniques (such as breath work) we may experience a vision of light which bring us to a delight state. Even can hear divine sounds. During this process pineal gland is highly active. On the day of refusal the food this gland also become very active. So we can tell that during fasting we train our physical aspect – part of brain – in order to achieve more deep meditation practice after fasting.

Spiritual benefits

One of the points of view on a practice of fasting is a total cleansing of the Mind from clouds. Under the influence of lowest 3 chakras we may have primitive desires that we misplace with our true desire. Sensual pleasures our body wants distract us from the path of our destiny. That is why we stop eating and purify our lowest chacras: we can understand what is our inspiration.
By regular practice of 1 day dry fasting Yogin will achieve state when he got a lot of energy, peaceful mind, raised creativity. And this state may last up to two weeks.

Not for nothing this practice called Upavasa: ‘Upa’ – together, ‘Vasa’ – supreme consciousness (what most people call God).
When we stop eating we blocking our lust and greed – attachment to a like, to a desirable tastes of food. In order to get rid from Avidya or Ignorence. We are transforming this low energy into high. That is why it is good to read spiritual literature, meditate and practice asanas while fasting. If we watch TV or playing computer games – it is just changing the source of pleasant sensations from tongue to eyes.

Water Healing Fasting

Well, life is messy. And most of us are not Yogis. Even vegetarians. But it doesn’t mean that we can not clean ourselves! Water fasting is possible for everyone. And this type is more gentle to a deeply toxified body of a modern human. (They say that in Europe there is a problem: bodies in a graveyards do not decompose for over 50 years because of tons of preservatives collected in tissues for a lifetime of a human. So authorities have to open new graveyards instead of normal practice of renovation. Don`t know if its true or not).

First two days on water, technically, are not fasting but unloading the body. A liver has a ‘glycogen pillow’ for two days of just normal activity life. Glycogen breaks down to glucose and we have enough energy.

Third day on water is a first real fasting day. Toxins started to be released from all organs. Water soluble are coming out mostly through kidneys and lungs. Fat soluble are being released by liver, intestine and skin.
That is why very important to remove it by taking warm shower twice a day and doing enema every 3-5 days (depends on how you feel).

It is experimentally proven that a human can do fasting during 56 days. But that is maximum. For how long should we do it?

Professor Stoleshnikov – Russian doctor, who moved to New York and confirmed his medical license – wrote a book based on Arnold Ehret and Luigi Cornaro books and his own experience. So he explains, that 40 days is a good maximum: vital organs not began to be consumed yet, but a body already pure as a child.
He mentioned 21 days period – time when normally all toxins are released and chronic disease start to be cured. This period of 21-28 days is a goal for those people who need to heal yourself from deep difficulties.
But he warns practitioners: before you become able to refuse food for 21 days, you must prepare yourself for about 200 days of overall experience Water Healing Fasting.
So no rush. You have to train your Mind, so it understand: no food – is o`k, no panic. And Body: it has deep wisdom of survival and able to heal itself from most diseases even traumas. Just give it to rest!
And what amazing sensation of the body you have after long fasting (more than 10 days)! You just feel comfortable: all nadi (energy channels) are clean. No tension, pain or whatsoever distracting…

Body and the Mind are deeply connected. And cleaning a body means purification of the Mind as well: unpleasant memories may arise. Correct work with this ‘mental material’ is a part of fasting process.
During retreat we will share information you need to start this way of purification. We can support you: show the door and explain what is behind, helping to make first steps. But you are the One who must walk it.

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