Water Healing Fasting Retreat

So you decided to try fasting. Let us give you a hand of knowledge and our experience to support you in this journey beyond the limits of human beliefs about food, nutrients and energy for the body. What we offer is a program that includes all important elements to make your way easier and successful. It consist of several stages going through which you will train your mind and purify a body. Whether you just want a new experience in a supportive group of people or defeat your disease (even cancer) – you are welcome to join.

   Program consist of 7 stages. Each of them includes progressive amount of information such as Water Healing Fasting theory (by professor Stoleshnikov), mind work technique: vipassana meditation theory and practice, basic yoga practice and optional water purification ceremony at a hidden ancient place of Bali.


   Is designed to help you to make first steps in Water Healing Fasting process.

   At first day students arrive, rest and participate in Opening Ceremony. Details of schedule, activities and teachers introduction will be shared. Specific food will be given to a participants: rich of fiber and vitamins in order to purify intestine and reduce toxin influence on the organs.

   Second and third days no food allowed. Only filtered water without limitations. The schedule is

7:00 – 7:307:30 – 8:008:15 – 9:4510:30 – 11.3012:00 – 13:0013:30 – 15:0015:30 – 16:3017:00 – 18:3019:00 – 19:3020:00 – 21:00
DayPranayamaMeditation 1Asana practiceTheory 1Meditation 2Theory 2Meditation 3Asana practiceMeditation 4Meditation 5
1ArrivalOpening ceremony
2PranayamaVipassanaBasic core yogaFasting theoryWalking meditationVipassana theoryWalking meditationYin yogaSitting MeditatonWalking meditation
3PranayamaVipassanaBasic core yogaFasting theoryWalking meditationVipassana theoryWalking meditationYin yogaSitting MeditatonWalking meditation
4PranayamaVipassanaBasic core yogaFasting theoryWalking meditationVipassana theoryWalking meditationYin yogaSitting MeditatonWalking meditation

Fourth day is a juice day. In order to tie toxins in a blood and help a body to release it citric juices diluted with water (50%) will be served without limitations. As well as pineapples.


This stage (as well as III, IV and V) is created to support people in their fasting, separate from temptations of supermarkets and restaurants and create a mini-society where participants can communicate. Another point is to make mind busy, so there will not be much time to think about food, but learn and practice.

    This is 5 days fasting event. And, basically, there is no big difference with ‘I stage’ time table. Only theoretical part will be extended: both Vipassana and fasting. We will go deeper in understanding of how Mind works, learn and practice how to avoid suffering during fasting. Once you understand the technique fasting will become for you just another normal practice in your life.


This is long fasting retreats – 21 and more days. Obviously you already know what you are doing. The only thing you might want is to escape from the city or society to have a company of like-minded people. We can help with accommodation – to find a peaceful place to stay and practice.

Also it is good to make some breathing practices during a ‘unlimited juice time’ which will help to alkalify a body and release deep emotional traumas. We can facilitate you at a Healing Breath sessions: a specific type of breath practice (based on holotropic breath technique by S. Groff) which allow to explore your inner world and purify it even deeper.

It is time to wake up…


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