Most of the time, we think we know everything. Most of the time, we think we are the only person in the world that is suffering from pain and desperation. Most of the time, we forget that there are also others like us. That is suffering, and that is also seeking for the truth of love and hope to find happiness.

Human mind is the greatest tool we can have to help us survive in this life, yet can also be the strongest tool we can have to destroy our life and make it more miserable. This is all within our own choices. There is always a way out in every situation. As we are blessed with this power and protection.

Sometimes we forget that to be born as a human, we have the opportunity to experience many different reality. And thus, the stage of being a human is nothing less than an opportunity to learn. There is no need to question of learning. Learning is our own nature. And only by learning we may be able to elevate the experience in this life. Living as a human being.

Just to be a human being (itself) has its own struggle. But, there always way to indulge the human mind with many different perspective and fantasy. The realization of the nature of pain is no different with the nature of pleasure. Only as being a human, we have the opportunity to understand this life.

This writing is dedicated for July 2019 Aayaa Bali Yoga Teachers: Katryn, Bella, Chalie, Liz, Irena, Daria, Darko, Petra, Marie, Shakti, Minhee and Pearl.

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What is the meaning of life if each of the experience is just shallow experience? ~ Only if we can see the truth in the nature of our human life, thus we will understand the meaning of life ~ This is the purpose of our practice. This blog is dedicated for readers who what to improve themselves in their personal journey to find freedom and happiness.

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