There is no different between breath and life.

Without breath, life doesn’t exist.

And without life, breath doesn’t exist.

Breath is the place we seek for refuge. And it is the place to find what’s missing.

This might sound a little creepy, but for your information. The breath is the life. Haven’t you realize about this? Then why haven’t you be with your breath? When we are not with our breath. We are not with our life. We get easily thrown to a situation where we lost. And again, and again, comes to the same karma circle.

When are not with our breath, it is harder to see clearly of our reality. Because the mind has clouded by storm and clouds that run furiously. Thus, we do not see clearly what is going on in ourselves. And at the end, we end up being trapped by the malicious act of control and manipulation.

We think we are so pure and so kind, but we did not realize that we manipulate our own condition. This is called self-centeredness. Which is the opposite of compassion.

We must remember that we are human. We are the highest being ever existed in this three-dimension of duality. Even being said, we are higher than animal and plants. Because we have THE Mind. The Conscious Mind that can lead us our own desire of acts and decides.

Our choices define our reality.

But, most of us think that we have no choices.

And that is the saddest phenomena ever thought. I understand, that it is difficult to speak about faith. Faith is undebatable topic. Most people do not interest on this undebatable topic. Only thus who seek for refuge, will understand the meaning.

This writing is dedicate for my friend Anna Maloni.

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What is the meaning of life if each of the experience is just shallow experience? ~ Only if we can see the truth in the nature of our human life, thus we will understand the meaning of life ~ This is the purpose of our practice. This blog is dedicated for readers who what to improve themselves in their personal journey to find freedom and happiness.

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