What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil is an extracted oil from the meat of mature coconuts, harvested from coconut palm. Coconut oil contains 100% fat, but the structure of fat in coconut oil is different from the saturated fat found in many animals.

Coconut oil is best to be used in room temperature, without heating. When it’s being heating the chemical of good fat can be changed into different character that has un-categorized effect to the wellness of the body.

– homemade pure coconut oil –

How to choose good quality of coconut oil?

  1. Smell it. Natural produce (not manufactured) coconut oil give natural coconut fragrance. If you have never smells a coconut fragrance before, you must be aware of the metallic smell of the product. Metallic smells normally signify un-natural production or chemical use.
  2. See it. Natural coconut oil is transparent, almost like water with golden shades. Sometimes contains dusty material at the bottom of the packaging.
  3. Feel it. See if you can use your instinct of choosing the product. Be aware of any feeling of lust, fear or greediness which can cloud your instinct.

DIY coconut oil for you daily wellness

Oil Pulling: “Oil pulling” is a term that is used for using coconut oil to clean your mouth and throat.

How to do oil pulling?

– Take 1 table spoon of coconut oil

– Put in your mouth

– Gargle with coconut oil in the mouth

– Gargle with coconut oil in your throat

– Release coconut oil

– Gargle with salted warm water

Benefit of oil pulling is to clean all types of bacteria in the mouth. This activity can help to reduce bad odor in the mouth, sprue, also help to reduce toothache.

Other way of using coconut oil for wellness:

Mix with baking soda for body scrub or tooth paste

Coconut oil for hair and skin treatment

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