Trapped inside the mind means at such moment, we think of certain situation or certain thing must be done in certain way, not another way else. For example, we ask ourselves, “What do I want to eat?” and then we create our condition where, “I cannot eat, unless… this and that.” This is when we trapped our mind in a certain condition.

If we keep doing this to our mind, being inflexible, we are learning to become aversion to our own reality. We put ourselves in a condition to be happy. We put ourselves in the condition to be accepted. We put ourselves in the condition where we create so much rejection about our live. However, we will not be able to see this, if we keep our mind busy with all the so called “obligation”.

We think we have the obligation to take care of our family. We think we have the obligation to make money. We think we have the obligation to go to work. But, we forget our main and basic obligation to be happy, under all of the condition that we have created.

We are so concern about our survival, and thus we do not see the truth that all of this fear is not real. However, we cannot deny that each of us have different path to achieve enlightenment. And that is okay. In faith, each way that we take lead us to another path. The only limit in this struggle is when we stop and give up. Trust that everything is going to be fine and enjoyable. Life indeed is enjoyable and magnificent.

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What is the meaning of life if each of the experience is just shallow experience? ~ Only if we can see the truth in the nature of our human life, thus we will understand the meaning of life ~ This is the purpose of our practice. This blog is dedicated for readers who what to improve themselves in their personal journey to find freedom and happiness.

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