People are not the same. People are different.

Today I saw a plastic cup in the middle of the road. A young guy drank something and threw it on the ground. In his action was not a hint of reflection or making a choice process: to throw or not to throw? The movement is smooth, continuous. Not a single pause. He drank – he threw, without stopping to walk.

So what does it mean: people are different? I can see that we all has different skills and level of evolution. Some cultures remain conservative (or conventional) in order to preserve a wisdom of their ancestors. As I can see from a distance it does not help to avoid changes of the world. People automatically repeat rituals and prayers without real intention and understanding. Thus the magic loses its power and become a source of pride and separation.

Other cultures dive deep into changes. So deep that the majority forgets theirs Nature: who they are and where they come from. Sensual desire become their goal. Science become their religion. Knowledge replaces Faith. This reality not just loses its magic: it become rejected and ridiculed.

Often we can see: here or there unrest suddenly arise and a struggle for democracy appears – ephemeral universal equality. Indignation arises from the poor segments of society, dissatisfied with their position (which is, basically, luck of sensual desires and exhaustion trying to get it). The human wave emotionally follows skillful manipulators in order only to fulfill the will of the hidden force that caused indignation, and to change the balance of power in the political arena. After a while, everything calms down and returns to normal. Equality is a political tool…

This is the process of gaining experience. It may seem cruel and mean. But that is the order of things in this fading era.

On the other hand, one can often see extreme forms of inequality: 95% of finances are concentrated in the hands of 5% of the population. And this is the archetype of imbalance. In what direction we’ll look, everywhere is the same thing. People use people at work, in relationships, in religion, politics (not sure that these two concepts should be separated by a comma) and so on.

    And why we do not want to see our responsibility in global inequality?

I have often heard from visitors of the Island that local people are extremely untidy and throw plastic garbage right on the road. As a rule, a couple of negative comments follow such outraged accusations. Splashing anger and disgust. All participants in the discussion assert themselves in a common point of view and get some kind of perverted sense of satisfaction. Something like “they are that, and I am not: higher, better. At least because I notice it, but they don’t. They litter, but I don’t.”

And then the question arises: what is next?

  It is said that a yogi is not the person who can tie himself in a knot, but the one that makes life around him better by one fact of his existence.

    But how? I asked myself such a question. How can I teach to respect Nature? A significant group of people suffering from cultural ignorance (Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Tibetan Book of Sleep and Dreams)?

The following opinion seems fair and weighty at my level of understanding. The first step can be to take responsibility for the very fact of observing an imbalance. If I noticed this, then this is a chance for my self-improvement, evolution. A chance given to me by Nature. Because as master Oogway said: there are no accidents. Only I can uniquely answer for myself the question “How can I change the world in this part of it?”

However, a memory immediately comes to my mind. In an interview during a meditation retreat at a monastery, I complained to Bhante about shameless tourists and their children who did not respect the yogis’ right to solitude and calm meditation. Bhante replied to me: “There is nothing wrong with Dhamma.” In other words, all the irritation, indignation and a sense of the injustice of the world order are within myself. This World is what it is for reasons that I may never comprehend. And everything – EVERYTHING – serves one purpose: to make my evolution as efficient as possible. That is how I understand the comment of Bhante.

So the world does not need to change? So since there is nothing wrong with a person throwing non-decomposing garbage on the road, then … I should just do not care?! This is a very strange thought. And I would say – dangerous. Because it can easily lead to indifference, numbness of the soul.
    Where is the solution?

Could it be that the first steps need to be done inwards, not outwards? Could it be that by changing myself, I can change the world? What if I get rid of Judgment, Anger and Hatred, Fear of responsibility and consumer attitude towards life, then the answer to the main question will come to me as naturally as another inhalation?

Castaneda wrote that people behave like black magicians towards each other. I suspect that he meant Mental Projection. Each time experiencing anger (emotionally and supporting it with thoughts and images) about a particular person, we really send a charge of negatively polarized energy to him. In this case, the distance does not matter. You can keep an image in your head.
   Negative energy destroys the aura of a person-target, violates the fragile balance of its energies, attracts various entities that feed on negative energy. The consequences are very diverse. And for both people. Including negative Karma appearance.

But the fact is that we live in an era of extreme materialism. And although it is gradually giving way to a new era (yoga and meditation are becoming increasingly popular), most still do not understand and do not accept the fundamental Laws of Nature. Ignorance and self-importance block the realization of Truth. So what to do if I and the majority continue to be Zombies and shoot bolts of negativity at everything that moves?

For myself, I have decided that it is necessary to acquire the Ultimate Truth. To understand the rules of the game, to save myself from Ignorance and the defilements of the Mind and finally to See. And then what seemed an intractable dilemma transforms into an elegant and comprehensive solution.


After all, a plastic cup on the road is only a consequence.

The Noble Eightfold Path

  1. Right Understanding
  2. Right Thought
  3. Right Speech
  4. Right Action
  5. Right Livelihood
  6. Right Effort
  7. Right Mindfulness
  8. Right Concentration

I.S. Kovpak

Published by viawijaya

What is the meaning of life if each of the experience is just shallow experience? ~ Only if we can see the truth in the nature of our human life, thus we will understand the meaning of life ~ This is the purpose of our practice. This blog is dedicated for readers who what to improve themselves in their personal journey to find freedom and happiness.

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