What is Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation is a practice of observation without judgment. The goal of vipassana meditation is to obtain mindfulness – which means attentive awareness. Instead of focusing on one object, meditator brings the attention to observe and witness all objects which arise in his/ her mind in every moment.

Some people confuse vipassana technique with meditation with “scanning the body” technique. When scanning the body, a person direct the mind to certain part of the body, moving along to another part and keep moving to another part. While vipassana starts with observing the “obvious object” – which is the rising and falling of the breath, or part of the body that is conducting movements. And when “something else” catches the attention of the mind, then the mind may observe the “new” object.

– Walking meditation –

This may sounds a little bit confusing. But vipassana meditation is one of the most powerful technique. For example, in sitting meditation. Meditator will sit in the most comfortable position, and starts to observe the breath. While bringing the attention to the breath, the mind can fly away and think of something else, for example mind think of a memory. When meditator catch this object, the meditator must make notification of this object as “memory” and not the breath.

Sometimes beginner mix this focus and concentration with imagination or expectation. Sometimes they assume about mystical state of the mind and so on. We might be able to develop this abilities only if we are able to be precise about our meditation object.

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