Goal and Benefit of Samatha Meditation

Samatha meditation has become the basic technique of all meditation approach. The goal of samatha meditation is to achieve focus and concentration.

What is focus and concentration? Focus means choosing 1 (one) single object and direct the attention and awareness of the mind to this object. Concentration means the effort to keep the awareness of the focus for a length of moment. Focus and concentration works together to build up the right understanding. Which later on become stretch of observation moment without judgment nor reaction.

– Meditation with candle –

Focus and concentration is one of the way of mind-purification. The energy can be centered to a certain goal to cleanse or purify or heal. One of the most popular trataka (purification) meditation is the meditation on a candle. Staring at a single point may become the first step to attain focus and concentration.

How to do starring at a candle meditation?

  1. Prepare a table with the height as same as your torso
  2. Prepare a small candle and match
  3. Lit the candle and place on top of the table in front of you
  4. You may start with looking at the flame of the candle for as long as you can without blinking
  5. When you blink once, close your eyes a little bit longer
  6. When you open your eyes, start to look at the flame again without blinking
  7. When blink, repeat by closing the eyes for a while and start again

Do this meditation for about 15 minutes every morning or evening. If you do this meditation in the evening, it will help you to have better sleep and help with insomnia problem.

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