Physical bodyworks is the term that we use in this explanation to separate the work of the physical material body, to the mental or the mind and the energetic body such as vibration or aura. When we talk about physical bodyworks it relates to all material that we can see with our eyes, we can feel with our skin or we can smell. All of the physical bodyworks converting the work of the senses and system of the body. This work including the asana practice, fasting, cleansing or purification, and so on.

When we talk about our physical body. The first observation comes to our posture and our movements. When we observe movements a little bit deeper. We are talking about the term “ergonomic” – which come from Latin language Ergon means work and Nomos means the law of nature.

Ergonomics is defined as the study of all human aspect within the relation of their work with the environment reviewed by the anatomical aspect, physiological aspect, and psychological aspect, also technique of approach and management of planning. The Ergonomics study also known as the study of “human factors”. Within this study the goal is to have the understanding of how a human may use, interact and adapt with their environment facilities in order to be able to reach their goal or purpose in life.

Nurmianto – 2000
– A posture on skeletal form –

Human body may be able to work properly depends on the movements of parts of the body and the body organs while working. Movements of the body includes:

  1. Flexion                 : Movements that result the angle of two bones become narrower
  2. Extension            : Movements of stretching, that result the angle of two bones become wider
  3. Abduction           : Movements away to the side, create distant with the center of the body
  4. Adduction           : Movements towards the center of the body
  5. Pronation            : Rotation movements toward the center of the body parts
  6. Supination          : Rotation movement towards the outside of the body parts

All of these range of movements defines by the shape and structure of the bone, muscle and ligaments on the joints. Movements of body parts can only happen in the joints, no-where-else. Imagine that you can only bend your arm on the elbow, not on the middle part of the forearm.

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