Types of Meditation

Nowadays, there are many approach of meditation technique that is offered in spiritual-material world. Some call is as tantric meditation, sound meditation, chanting meditation, moving meditation and so on. Within all of these technique, it always comes down to two basic type of meditation: samatha and vipassana meditation technique.

Samatha approach is based on focus and concentration. Meditators must choose 1 (one) meditation object and stay focus observing that 1 (one) object. For example, the chosen object is the sound, so during sound meditation, a meditator must follow the sound to wherever it takes. The high and low sound, the scattered and the centered sound. Meditator might relate certain sound to certain memory sometimes in a while. But, meditators must come back to the sound. In this way, the meditator may be able to gain higher hearing consciousness.

Another example of samatha meditation can also be using chanting or mantram. For example, chanting: “Aum..” Repeating this chanting for certain amount of times. And bring the awareness of the mind to the sound and to the vibration that is happening in the throat. The breath must be align with the length of the chanting to achieve calmer mind.

Samatha technique is most probably more common in meditation and yoga classes all around the world.

– Singing bowl for Sound Meditation

Vipassana meditation is the second approach of meditation technique we can all practice. In vipassana bhavana, the meditator is practicing observation to all objects that arise in the mind every moment. In vipassana practice, the meditation is being divided into walking meditation practice and sitting meditation practice. Which both co-related to the quality of the whole meditation.

Many people said that vipassana meditation is a little bit more complicated than samatha meditation. Especially for those whose mind is very active. However, the goal of vipassana meditation is to understand the nature of the mind itself. Within this understanding, we hope to gain truth and wisdom and clear understanding without doubt and fear.

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