Singing Bowl as support for Relaxation, Meditation, Concentration and Transformation

The vibration of singing bowls can affect us at a very depth of our soul. Our feelings starts to flow to an unanticipated directions, forming channels for future and past events. The high tune and low tune of the singing bowl can bring our unexpected inner-transformation.

By listening to the singing bowl, and concentrating on their vibration, the musical effect of the bowl become sacred activity, helping us to open a gateway to the unforeseen and mystical life. With quiet and calming sound, we experience our inner beauty, reaching a feeling of joy and satisfaction in this meditative atmosphere.

– Sound meditation with singing bowl –

At the moment, the brain starts to produce alpha and theta waves and we may be able to experience a change of consciousness, a state between sleeping and waking, while remaining aware of the environment. In this state we can have various perceptions, such as sensation on the skin or warmth flowing through the body, as well seeing colors and images. This image can assume all sort of abstract form such as geometric figures, symbols, mandalas or snake-like appear. These images can again relate to our perceptions of emotions and feelings.

The relationship between emotion, feelings with sensation, image and colors can create connection the deeper level of consciousness which create perception and the understanding of perception. To continue the practice into a deeper level of consciousness, a participant must not give reaction to the sensation and allow the sensation to slip away and gone. Until new sensation that is stronger than the previous sensation appear.

All sensations will become more sensational if a participant brings his/her attention of the mind that particular sensation. When we manage to not give any reaction to a certain sensation, the sensation will eventually disappear.

– Singing bowl sound meditation shift from samatha to vipassana meditation technique –

From focusing your attention to the sound, participants may shift the awareness to each sensation that arise. Observing each sensation that arise without judgment, and not reacting to any of those sensation. This is shifting the samatha technique to vipassana technique of meditation.

In vipassana approach on sound meditation, form and image that appear this way may be based merely on illusion. Therefore when the image or other types of sensation both physically and mentally appear, we do not have to connect with them. As they appear, they will also disappear. Surrender to the sound above all, do not be disappointed if you do not see anything.

The vibrations of singing bowls have a positive influence on a sense of well-being in general. This practice can support:

  • stimulate life energy
  • foster rest and relaxation
  • help relieve insomnia
  • normalize blood pressure
  • restore the equilibrium of the immune system
  • synchronize the left and right hemisphere of the brain
  • increase creativity
  • improve the sense of hearing
  • harmonize respiration
  • put people at ease

This is a whole series of effect that contributes to an increase on the joy of life and general vitality, enabling us to deal with complaints provoked by a state of imbalance.

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