Many skin problem is caused by the imbalance moisture. We think that out skin is too oily, and then we use manufactured product that says “for oily skin”, and yes this manufactured product dry up our skin. And yet, at the same time our nervous system starts to learn to create more natural moisturizer. Every time we use this manufactured product, the moisture of the skin is gone. And again and again, the skin create more and more “oil” to moisture the outer layers.

This activities cause the skin pore become wider, as the skin needs to produce more of its natural moisturizer. And then more skin problem comes such as acne, rash, or even allergies. This miss-language used has suffered our skin for many years.

– baking soda mix with coconut oil –

How to keep the moisture of our hair and skin?

  1. Pay attention to the hygienic of the hair and skin. If you live on an island, take at least 2 shower daily with clod or warm water depending on you activities. And wash your day at least once every three days.
  2. Nutrition that good for the skin and hair comes from natural oil such as Coconut oil, Castor oil, and Neem oil. Some other oil such as Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil and Argan oil can also be used is different quantity. Where most of the manufactured skin and hair only used little bit of the essence of this natural oil. For better use, you can also mix some of this nutritious oil with fragrance essential oils.
  3. Hydration is one of the key to maintain body moisture. Keep yourself with enough water.
  4. Alive Food are the food that is taken from the earth and being consumed without processing. These food are mostly come from plants. Sometimes we can also consumed fresh fish, such Japanese tradition.
  5. Attention of the mind is when our thought is centered and knowing our action. This condition may help the quality of the whole part of our body. How to raise attention of the mind?

We choose our reality as human being. Our life can be as miserable as possible or as awesome as possible. This is our choice. This is our freedom.

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