“The life of an individual is the life of his body. Since the living body include: the mind, the spirit and the soul; To live the life of the body fully is to be mindful, spiritual and soulful.” ~ Alexander Lowen

About Us

We are Balinese community that offer exclusive Bali Yoga Retreat and Detox Retreat in the best location and most affordable way you can imagine. We serves couple retreat and couple therapy, family retreat and holidays, meditation retreat, mindful therapy, with practice and technique to approach mental wellbeing and self-evolution.

Each of our retreat contains theory and conceptual discussion session, practice for yoga, meditation, breathing and trauma release exercise, natural wellness by using and consuming high quality natural food, beverages and products. This is the time for you to change your life and open up to the new equilibrium of your life spectrum.

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Topics of our articles discuss about Path to the Inner-Self Journey. In this theme, we talks about meditation way of life, yoga, nature healing properties and other topics for us to learn about ourselves. Search for what are you looking for on Search Box below.

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